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Music Education for Generation Z
We provide full-time music teachers for every child in every grade.

Learn About Our Programs

zSharp makes music a part of every child's education. We place high quality music teachers in Bay Area schools to provide comprehensive, in-school music education. We serve over 4,000 low-income children in Richmond and Oakland who would otherwise have no formal music education.

Our music classes are completely integrated into the school day and curriculum, complementing other academic activities. zSharp provides every child at these schools with at least one music class a week for the entire school year. Our longest-tenured teachers have provided individual students with music education every week for the past seven years from kindergarten through sixth grade. Learn more about our program and partnered schools.

Learn about our results

External evaluation of zSharp’s programs has found a positive impact on a child’s achievement and development and on teaching practices. We rely on ongoing internal assessment to improve our programs and to communicate with our principals and teachers, so that we can ensure children receive the quality education they deserve. Learn more about our data.