Partner Schools

zSharp provides its partner schools with highly qualified music teachers offering weekly music instruction to every student, regardless of talent or ability, for the entire school year.

Our unique Common Core aligned curriculum meets National Music Education and California VAPA Standards and completely integrates into the school day. Music lessons are adapted to students’ language and culture, and our interdisciplinary approach supportes the classroom teacher and core academic subjects.

We prioritize open communication with all members of the school community. Faculty members and principals receive continuous guidance and development opportunities. We invite feedback from parents and continually assess the program's effectiveness through a strict evaluative process. We set high standards of excellence for our students and even higher standards for ourselves!

zSharp Partner Schools

Coronado Elementary
4301 Berk Avenue
Richmond, 94804

(510) 231-1419
Principal: Keilan Hunter
Partner Since: 2009

Cox Academy
9860 Sunnyside Street
Oakland, 94603

(510) 904-6300
Principal: Kevin King
Partner Since: 2015

Learning Without Limits
2035 40th Avenue
Oakland, 94601

(510) 879-1282
Principal: Leo Fuchs
Partner Since: 2014

Madera Elementary
8500 Madera Drive
El Cerrito, 94530

(510) 231-1412
Principal: Alison Makela
Partner Since: 2014

Montalvin Manor Elementary
300 Christine Drive
San Pablo, 94806

(510) 231-1405
Principal: Katherine Acosta
Partner Since: 2014

Nystrom Elementary
230 Harbour Way
Richmond, 94804

(510) 231-1406
Principal: Jamie Allardice
Partner Since: 2017

Peres Elementary
719 5th Street
Richmond, 94801

(510) 231-1407
Principal: Jawan Eldridge
Partner Since: 2008