zSharp’s work has been received enthusiastically by students, parents, classroom teachers and principals. You can read more testimonials at GreatNonprofits.org.


“I learned if you have perseverance & determination you can achieve anything you try.” —6th grader at Peres
“I learned that you can do anything if you put your heart into it.” —5th grader following a school music performance
“It’s important to have music in school because when you’re feeling sad or when you’re not feeling well it gives you the strength to do better, and you have more confidence in yourself.” —5th grader


“I notice my son who is in the 6th grade. Normally he’s very quiet. When I’m yelling, he says, ‘Mom, please slow down, I’ll finish it, I’ll do it — please keep your voice down.” Since the music program began, my son changed a lot. He’s different. He no longer fights with his seven-year-old brother — he used to get angry. He changed a lot and turned mature. He loves music — he expresses himself in music. I think music relaxes their minds.”—Parent
“One of my sons started out here and now he is in high school, he is constantly playing the guitar. It’s almost as if the guitar was part of our furniture — he is always doing something with it.”—Parent

Classroom Teachers

“It was amazing to see how easy it was to teach math, grammar, and reading comprehension using music…and it was fun!”—Teacher
“Great exposure to music concepts. Music truly crosses boundaries of subject matter.”—Teacher
“Most of these kids don’t have parents with the time and money to bring them to concerts or pay for lessons of any kind, so any exposure they have, who knows where it will take them.”—Teacher
“The other day a second grader came up to me and she said, I want to be a music teacher. Being a music teacher is really hard, but every night I go to sleep and I dream about being a music teacher. She was so in awe of the music program and what happened there, you could see she was really inspired.” —Music Teacher Julie Bruins


“While we are piloting the program this year, it is clear that the students have already benefited. The instructor is simply outstanding with our students. He has effectively integrated his overall approach to teaching and the music curriculum with our site based initiatives and school culture. His presence on campus and the zSharp program have definitely enhanced the learning experience at Peres.” —Former Peres Principal Dr. Janet Scott
“We would not have music at all without the zSharp program. Our budgets have been cut severely and we had the opportunity to get this program at a time when all music classes had stopped.” —Coronado Principal Linda Cohen
“We all recognize how important it is for students to have access to the arts. Music enhances their character, giving them more appreciation for the arts because they are experiencing it hands-on.” —Wilson Elementary Principal Kim Moses
“Thank you for inviting us to see zSharp in action. The teacher was fantastic in every way: lesson planning, instruction, pacing and an outstanding focus on music. What a great experience for kids! I came away truly inspired by your program — thank you!” —Former Valley View Elementary Principal Jay Dowd